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« You know that happiness does not come only from the achievement of goals, but rather from the journey in achieving them. You are on the road, and at the same time you are the journey yourself. » (Karina Love Tarosophy I.)

King Saint Ladislaus I and King David

This card is the symbol of harmony and creative forces. The ability to find the key of harmony is there in everyone. Harmony, however, manifests itself differently for everyone. Of course, there are ‘basic components’ the infinite combinations of which could lead to harmony, but you have to figure out which one is yours. If you work on yourself, on your self-awareness, those opportunities that come into your life, will carry you forward on your path. In order to achieve harmony, it is essential to see opportunity in everything! The opportunity is to polish your mind. However, for this you usually need very hard cathartic experience, which even makes the ego tremble.

General interpretation

Do you start your day with a smile or rather wish to be a person who is always cheerful, smiling and happy? For this, nothing else is necessary, but positive thinking, because this produces positive energy, which creates positive reality for you. It is time again to meditate, to be in love, listen to beautiful music, laugh and smile a lot! Meanwhile, be more specific in terms of your desires, for which you would even be capable to bring smaller sacrifices.

Reversed interpretation:

Your relationships are remaining superficial, you are isolating yourself. However, this situation is not going to last long, because thanks to a friend your emotional life is about to be renewed. From this you are going to feel more confident again.

Love interpretation:

This card promises luck, nice hopes and success. Your relationship is developing as you would like it, you can reach your goals and enjoy a carefree life. If we talk about a relationship already fulfilled, the next period promises happiness. If your love is still in its initial stage, feel free to hope for the long advance, because the relationship is developing in the best possible way. You are finally receiving the love you wanted for so long.


If you are in the phase of looking for a job or changing your job, now you will have great success only if you are willing to bring some sacrifice. Be helpful, considerate, kind and thanks to your good nature you can count on joyful news.


If you are an artist, now it is the time for an exhibition or to look up a publisher with your work which you have created through hard work. Focus on your creations, your invested energies are soon going to pay off.

The message of the card:

You are planning or beginning things extending into the distant future and the positive development of which you can rightly hope for. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy your creativity. » 💗💫
(Karina Love Tarosophy I.)

My friends,
Hope you and your family are being safe and well! Praying everyday to have normal again but at least the earth is cleansing itself while we wait! We should all learn something from this.💗

With love,