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The Devil XV.

« Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are. « (Machiavelli)

« This card is often called the Black Magician as well, which indicates the creative force and intelligence used in achieving selfish goals and greedy desires. Usually we refer to it as the negative counterpart of the High Priest. This is the card of temptation, negative power, passion, habit, addiction and material success.

Nonetheless the Devil card does not have an entirely ominous connotation. Because whether we want it or not, the Devil too has a place in the world’s system. If we think about it in terms of an obstacle, pitfall, taboo or mental fear, these include the fact that by defeating them, good will arise. Thus, the evil power illustrated by the card also suggests that we must reconcile with our own negative side, we have to overcome it and must transform it into good force. » (Karina Tarot)

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