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Karina Love Tarosophy I. : Introduction

« A few centuries ago, we lived in a world in which the Word was still important, there were ceremonies, everything had its rightful order. It was not our Facebook profile that defined us, nor the number of people who liked our pictures.  It was not the number nor the value of the gifts under the tree that mattered, but the fact that we could be together. We paid attention to our loved ones, it was not a problem to find time for a chat, for playing games, or for a tale.  And in that inconceivable era, people knew exactly what they do and why. And also from where to where they were heading. Of course that was not a perfect world  either, but spiritually it was much easier to proceed,  it was filled with signposts, which designated the direction.

People knew that life was a constant change, and that there was a time and order for everything. They lived in eras, according to the seasons, just like nature.  The epochs were separated by holidays and ceremonies, so it would be clear for everyone: something is over and something else begins. They could prepare themselves in spirit, and things did not ‘fall’ on their heads bolt from the blue, as it happens  today, in the life of ‘civilized people’. Furthermore and most importantly: they did not adhere convulsively  to things that they knew.  Lifetales  played a huge role in all this. Those are symbolic preceptor stories, through which people could experience certain life stages of existence, even as a child getting ready for adulthood, marriage and parenthood. Filtering through these stories, they could experience male and female social roles, or even the changes that come inevitable with age, or moreover birth and death.

Secrets were passed on from parents to children, which made them Initiates.  They knew life as it is and they did not want to force anything out of it. They were capable to give and accept. They knew that everything happens for a reason, each occurrence  has something to show them, even if at the moment it is difficult to live with it. But the change, which led to today’s world was inevitable. The development of technology made other values come first. The world has accelerated, life itself has accelerated.
In the above-mentioned old ages, people were aware that progress is inevitable, change will ‘blow’ a new world toward posterity.  They knew that ancient principles would be incurred in oblivion for awhile, and that there would be less people ‘walking’ on mystic paths. Therefore, a small group of old masters decided to keep the sciences of magical and analogical thinking secret, until the right time comes (to be revealed), until then they just passed on the secret  within their secret circle. This is how the transmission of the Knowledge of Tarot also ever happened.

Tarot is not just a card game, but also an ancient, timeless wisdom. Its cards indicate life situations, turns of fate steeped in symbolism. Just as long ago, it is still very helpful if everyone gets to know the ‘life” stories related to the cards, because our ancestors lived and understood each stage of their lives through these educational stories, they were getting prepared for adulthood, marriage and parenthood even as a child. Filtering through these stories they could experience the male and female social roles,or even the changes that come inevitable with age, or moreover birth and death. This book carries the message of this old world in itself.  It is for those path seekers and road enthusiasts, who no longer seek the causes and responses outside, but inside. Those, who are already  beginning to understand that we attract certain people and events to ourselves. 

In that ancient world, women’s free will was limited and they were not allowed to prevail. Their duty was to obey their husbands and fathers, who took for granted that women had no thoughts, but turbulent and unpredictable emotions, and therefore it seemed best to discipline them already in the convent, beside providing them education. Since marriages were concluded on basis of ranks and parental choices, members of royal houses  were quite sure that they would not marry out of love, more precisely not they were getting married, but their estates,  names or their countries. However, there were always exceptions.  Love bloomed, rulers abdicated, some  women  became official mistresses, no matter how powerful the impact of the Church was. For the sake of exceptional women laws were made,  monarchs changed their lifestyle and their attitude toward women. Defying all habits and expectations, some women decided to stand up for themselves. Some of them took on their special skills and aptitudes publicly, but most of them kept these secret until the end of their lives. Many people paid a terrible price because they were training themselves, were searching for masters and took part in meetings, where everyone studied the universal truths including the ‘as above, so below’ principle (Tabula Smaragdina). The cautious ones, however, knew very well, that the world in which they live, would not tolerate  inexplicable things ,and that the Church was condemning those women who were clever. Because the old world was also afraid of knowledge, though it was yearning for it. Therefore, women following the mystical path concealed the indwelling light, studied and carried out their spiritual work in secret (…)

 If you keep this card in your hand today,  it is time for the messages of old times to address you. Do not expect accurate information about what will happen to you, but rather turn to it with confidence, because, by recognizing and taking the circumstances into account,  it will help you to learn to decide autonomously  and thus take your own destiny in your hands and ‘mold’ it according to your will. Devote time for the cards and let your intuition guide you.  Choose the one that best appeals to you and close your eyes, the answers will  arrive shortly. Do not forget that there is a reason for everything,  nothing is coincidental. Not even the fact that you are holding this book in your hands right now. All I ask from you is to read the messages and the related stories to the cards with your heart, because this is the only way to drive you closer to the greatest mystery: yourself.  It can help you to unravel the human being.

Hubert Karina Nernier, France. 14th March  2014. »
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