Love, History and the Path of your Soul

This is the time of LOVE! Whether you are young or old, single or married, love makes your heart beat faster. This has always been so. What’s more, historians keep records of famous couples from Adam and Eve, through Solomon and Queen of Sheba, Sissy, Franz Joseph and Gyula Andrassy, to Prince William and Kate Middleton. This book does not tell your future. It helps you recognize signs, that are patterns in your life. Patterns, which stop you from improving or that can make you successful. It gives you advice and strength to be brave to step away from inhibitions and build your confidence. The unluckiest cards show you not only how to survive your most difficult life experience, but also what to learn from them. If you read this book, you will enjoy love stories, learn history and also, perhaps most importantly, your soul can start to improve on an honest way. If you keep this card in your hand today, it is time for the messages of old times to address you. Do not expect accurate information about what will happen to you, but rather turn to it with confidence, because, by recognizing and taking the circumstances into account, it will help you to learn to decide autonomously and thus take your own destiny in your hands and ‘mold’ it according to your will. Devote time for the cards and let your intuition guide you. Choose the one that best appeals to you and close your eyes, the answers will arrive shortly. Do not forget that there is a reason for everything, nothing is coincidental. Not even the fact that you are reading this blog right now…

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